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       Hiya, my name is Heather Sawyer. I am a New York City based actor, singer, dancer, as well as aspiring writer. In 2014, I moved here to be apart of the first graduating class of the Molloy College CAP21 Musical Theatre Program for a BFA in Theatre Arts. Living here is a bit different than where I grew up. Firstly, because I grew up in Dallas, and second, because I have to take public transportation, rather than my beloved, red, soft-top jeep. 

       I was not always a theatre kid. I grew up participating in sports, basically any kind I was allowed to do. My favorites as a kiddo were figure skating, where I was lucky enough to be in the Junior Olympic Training Program, and hip hop, where I competed as a soloist and break dancer. Now, my family lives in Tennessee running a bakery, so you could say that my path to theatre has been a little eclectic. 

       Some of my favorite productions, I have been lucky enough to be apart of have been: Lost in Wonderland, a new musical written by Mark York and directed/choreographed by Bayyork Lee originating Tweedle Dee, and Camp Eaglewood: A New Musical written by my BFA class with direction from Marshall Pailet and musical direction from Andy Roninson, and Charlotte Lucas is 27 and Not Dead: A New Musical written by Jessie Field and James Salem where I was honored to originate Charlotte herself.  

       Now, I'm sure you're having a blast reading about me, but here are some simple facts.  I love thunderstorms and snow globes, more than the average person. And I am the proud dog mom of Winnifred Bagel Sawyer. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you found what needed, and if you didn't, let me know. I would be happy to help in any way I can. 

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